Blog Challenge!

So, a new challenge has been posted on the PPK boards… the blog challenge! Here’s the creator (AllyChristine)’s post:

This is a continuation of the cookbook challenge, where we are “challenging” ourselves to try new recipes, from different places. It’s a nice goal to shoot for about 3 new recipes per week. Post what you made, and your review. This first week is technically starting this Monday, Nov. 9th (few extra days for PPK!).
For more information on this challenge: Blog recipe cooking challenge.

Our list for the challenge:

1. PPK blog (11/9-11/14)
2. Vegan Dad (11/15-11/22)
3. Fatfreevegan (11/23-11/29)
4. Bittersweet (11/30-12/6)
5. Happy herbivore (12/7-12/13)
6. The vegan mouse (12/14-12/20)
7. Shmooed food (12/21-12/28)
8. My veggie kitchen (12/29-1/3)
9. Vegan explosion (1/4-1/10)
10. Cake maker to the stars (1/11-1/17)
11. Notes from the vegan feast kitchen (1/18-1/24)

So I aught to take a look and choose some recipes!



Here are the recipes I think I’m going to try this week:


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