Update…plus the anatomy of a tofu scramble!

A little change of plans. For the blog challenge, that is. I am going to make the broccoli quiche like I said I would, but now I also think that I’m going to make PPK’s Tempeh Helper and Easy Breezy Cheezy Sauce. I finally bought some tempeh today…5 grain low fat kind :] Yay. I also may make some gwam crackers from their recipes…and I FINALLY found a recipe for Vegan Marshmallows that require agar-agar powder that isn’t real weird. So depending on my level of laziness, I might make that stuff…What else. My grandpa’s birthday is in two days, so I’m thinking of making some cookies since mum is making a cake, and my aunt is making a berry pie. I mean…I gotta eat something at the party. Gawd. I’m thinking Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles. People will like those 😉 As long as I don’t tell them that they’re vegan. You know, omnis are such wimps when you tell them that something’s vegan. I mean…when I make something the first thing that my carnivorous father asks is ‘Is there tofu in it?’ as if it’s a bad thing. Uhg, it just gets on me wick. Ahhg.


Now. Lets do something recipe-like. Almost. But not really. Topic of the day: The Anatomy of a Tofu Scramble. My way.


First off, heat an oiled skillet to medium heat.


What I like using for a tofu scramble is Mori-Nu vacuumed-packed lite firm tofu (well, that’s a mouthful!). For a single serving, I usually use half a package (aka 6 0z). I cut, pat dry, a move to a bowl. In the bowl I take a fork and mash away at the tofu. I like little to no chunks, but leave it as chunky as you want. Then I add seasonings: garlic powder, turmeric, curry powder (if you want…I just really like the heat it gives), nooch (nutritional yeast for vegan n00bs…totally optional), kosher/sea salt, pepper (optional…). Then mash again, or toss around if you want to keep it chunky. Now that you’ve done all o’ this prep work, transfer to your heated skillet and scramble around until nice and yellow and warm. Remove when they reach your preferred level of done-ness.


I know what you’re thinking…what can I put in it? (you people who like to have stuff in your scrambles…) Anything! Just make sure your veggies are finely chopped. You could also put in fakin’ bacon, cheeze, leafy greens…whatever! And now your question is…how should I serve this scramble? Well, my two favourite ways are in a bowl of spinach, tossed, or in an ‘egg mcmuffin’ situation (as in toasted bread, your scramble, and a slice of melted cheese…with yves canadian ‘bacon’ if you want). Super yummy. And good at any time of the day!




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