Weekend Roundup. (Plus next week’s blog challenge and Thanksgiving plans)

Well, I didn’t get as much cooking and baking in this week as I wanted to…for a few simple reasons. One, I wasn’t home that often during meal hours. Two, I was lazy and felt like crap most of the week. Three, I couldn’t really find much on Vegan Dad that appealed to me. Sad to say. I’m really not much into fake meat. I wish there were more veggie dishes….Oh well. Everything shall be different next week. I’ll be home for over half the week, it’s thanksgiving, AND it’s Fat Free Vegan week of the challenge! Woo hoo! There are so many recipes I want to try (and some I’m actually using for T-Day!). Speaking of T-Day…I have quite a few ideas. Instead of just going totally normal and bland and “just veggies” like some people would expect, I’ve decided to bring along some plain ol’ veggies AND some “crazy” vegan faire as well as a yummy vegan dessert or two that everyone will love! (Except mum…since she’s allergic to pumpkin 😦 how sad. She can’t enjoy the deliciousness) So here’s the menu thus far:

Now onto recipes for this week’s challenge. Unlike this week, there are more recipes I’ll try spontaneously next week. But I have a few ideas…

But I definitely want to try some recipes with portobellos. Or I’ll just eat them plain haha…but why not try something new? New is good…


As for today, I was bored so I decided to make a cocoa-applesauce cake from a recipe off of VegWeb. I halved it, and it turned out really yummy! Really more like a spice cake than a chocolate cake…but very enjoyable.

Also I’ve been obsessed with these frozen veggies from Target lately…it’s a California Blend…broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower…great for if you’re feeling lazy 🙂


Oh and I FINALLY bought Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar today! Woo hooo! Great recipes…I can’t wait to try them 😉


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