Nothing new but gnu.

So as I predicted, I was far too lazy to cook today. School sucks like that haha. Ahem, anyways. Not I’m on break until next Monday. Woo hoo! I may as well have stayed home today. Seriously. I had to go in at 6 AM…to get to class at 8:50 AM. When I get to class (early…) I find that the teacher is 10 minutes late AND she decided that she didn’t feel like teaching today. So I had to add another whole HOUR to my wait time for my next class (which is at 3 PM…uhg what a wait). If she had cancelled last night, I could have slept in, made myself a FFV lunch and chilled and went in at 3! GAH! I could have gone insane. So no. No FFV stuff today. But I am going to review a nutrition bar. Ever have a Gnu bar? Well I got the Chocolate Brownie Bar flavour at Wegmans the other day. It seemed appealing…fiberful, natural, low in calories (140 cal…not to shabby), sweetened with fruit. That’s all well and good. But. The taste didn’t do much for me…could have been a little better in that aspect. Other than that, the texture was nice and crunchy and satisfying. I’d like to try some more flavours to see if I like anything better.


What do you all think?


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