Zee roundup: Get ready for some crazy desserts!

And soooo….how was everyones Thanksgiving? Mine was great….and I ended up making everything that I said I would! I didn’t bring my camera with me to dinner, but I did get a chance to photograph my pumpkin pie

It was so delicious! Everyone loved it, it was so flavourful, satisfying, and no one knew it was vegan. Just so awesome. I’m making it for our christmas dinner too. I also had my roasted root veggies, roasted butternut, steamed asparagus, raw cauliflower and broccoli (decided against steaming…)…good stuff.


I’ve been lazy and haven’t made much from FFV. Even a lot of the stuff that I made I didn’t photograph (oops!). But I did photograph:

My mum and I wanted something nice and crunchy to go with our coffees, so I decided to make the Gingerbread Biscotti…they sounded so good…and they were! So yummy! For some reason, my biscotti didn’t flatten out….they kinda shrunk and puffed up instead of spreading a little. Oh well. They tasted great. And I only got 22 biscotti instead of 24 just because of the shirnkage :p

And tonight I wanted something chocolate-y…so I made her peppermint pudding (minus the peppermint…since we have no peppermint candy canes. Only nasty cherry flavoured ones. Yarg…) I had half of it warm and I’m saving the other half to have cold tomorrow. It was so yummy! I do lurves puddin’ Wink

I also made that salad with portobellos which was good…of course…aaaand I never got to the mac and cheese Sad I wish I would have. I’ll make it next week anyways…I really need to check out Bittersweet to see if I can find anything that I want to make…


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