I am going to continue blogging minus the pictures. My little sister just busted the camera. FML. Seriously. But there is good news. I got my candy making kit that I won off of VegWeb recently 🙂 Woo! I can’t wait to try it. Plus I finally bought Vegan Brunch! I want to host a brunch now….

so that’s all for now…almost.

I was wondering if any of you veg-bloggers out there would like to become penpals like I know many are…like people who send loverly vegan noms to eachother and stuff. Just email me ( if you’re at all interested…


4 Responses to “FYI…”

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Purchase is extremely vegetarian and vegan friendly. Maybe I should go vegan for a day and report back to you! Or at least vegetarian. ❤

    • dannibazaar Says:

      Aw thanks :]] It’s not as radtastic as yours though. You should definately try going vegan for a day! Especially is Purchase is really veg-friendly. I wish I went to a veg-friendly school…I wish Purchase had a fashion programme so I could go there with you 😦 i ❤ youuuuu and can't wait to see you over christmas break!

  2. so that means we will be hanging out over Christmas break? AWESOME!!!!111111!!!!! i ❤ you tooo. yeah, you would totally love it here. it's currently not open now due to construction but we have this restaurant here that is completely vegetarian and vegan! No meat whatsoever! You'd love it.

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