More christmas cookies!

Well…cookie. I tried out another recipe from Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar. I really really wanted to make the Blackstrap Gingersnaps today so we made a special trip to Wegmans just for the molasses haha. Very important, right? Well, who cares. The cookies were freakin’ amazing. Nice, snappy, and just the right amount of molasses flavour. I wouldn’t try this with regular molasses. The taste would be too weak. Just a tip.

By the way, sorry to anyone who doesn’t own this cookbook so you don’t know of the recipes of which I speak. I just don’t feel I’m at liberty to blog the actual recipe since it is not my own. It wouldn’t be fair to Isa and her amazing cookies.

So how’s everyones Christmas prep going? I have all of my shopping done AND I know what I’m bringing to dinner (which is roasted brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash, cookies, and fat free vegan’s impossible pumpkin pie…again…just so you all know). I wish we were having brunch. I’m not a fan of a “dinner” on Christmas. Does anyone agree? I mean…what would be more awesome than opening presents at home, going for brunch, then presents again at the Grandparent’s? Seriously…no one agrees with me but me mum. Mean breakfast-food-haters…


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  1. Hello – I found this on Bing. Very good stuff on your site.

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