Back with breakfast!

Sorry I haven’t really been posting much lately. I’ve been…lacking ambition. No idea why. Well, I have been baking and stuff, just not creating my own recipes. Which I really should be doing…anyways. I just tried another one of Susan’s recipes from Fat Free Vegan…her, or should I say, E’s Banana Coffee Cake. Oh man. This is my new favourite coffee cake. See, I epically failed at making her coconut-banana bars (waaay overcooked) and also epically failed at making Isa’s coffee cake from Vegan Brunch (dry and just plain yucky). But this…wow. It was banana-y, moist, and sooooo delish! I’m going to try making it again soon but with some banana in the cinnamon-sugar mixture! Yum! You must try this recipe if you haven’t yet. It should probably make a good Christmas breakfast with some coffee đŸ˜‰

Weird thing lately too I thought I’d mention…has anyone reading actually craved brussels sprouts? I have been lately. Later this week I’ll post my recipe for sprouts (I’m making them for my fam’s Christmas dinner…)

So I would like to come up with some more recipes…what should I do? A breakfast food? Baked goods? Dinner foods? Sandwiches? I’m not sure…please give some suggestions!


2 Responses to “Back with breakfast!”

  1. Hey, that looks pretty good! By the way, this is Kyle, Emily’s boyfriend. You should check out my wordpress blog at I like the Starbucks in the background. Very Hip.

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