This post is brought to you by the letter “C”!

Back again! And how may I ask was everyone’s Christmas? What did you get? What did you have for dinner…or brunch…or whatever you do…well I had a pretty good day yesterday. I got a nice new camera from my mum…a Nikon Cool Pix S620! Woo hoooo! It’s so nice….I love it. So I will be doing much more photography for the blog 😉 I promise. Yeppers. Also got a laptop cooling pad, some clothes, makeup, yoga/stress-relieving gear, perfume, La Dolce Vegan (from my aunty <3), boots, a faux leather jacket, a RAD melon slicer… yeah. Lots of good stuff. The dinner went pretty well, too…I brought:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Serves: many

Pre-heat a fairly large cast iron skillet. Prep your brussels by taking off the outer leaves and x-ing the bottom of the sprout. Now, simply just spray your pan with pam (or use a drizzle of olive oil if you want – it’s not necessary), put in your brussels and add as much garlic powder/salt, salt (if you’re not using garlic salt already), and onion powder. Now that that is all together, add some water to your skillet…just enough to cover the sprouts half way or a little less. You may have to add more throughout the cooking process, so keep watch. I have no times for this – just cook until the sprouts are tender. The time really varies for the amount of sprouts and their size. Well, I guess this is more of a pan-sear than a roast, but whatever. Who cares haha. They’re delicious. Everyone (who tried them…) at Christmas dinner loved them.

My Variation on VCIYCJ’s Linzertorte Thumbprint Cookies:

I’m not going to post the exact recipe, only what I changed. I subbed peanut butter instead of hazelnut butter, chopped walnuts instead of chopped hazelnuts, and a dollop of Belgian dark chocolate spread instead of jam. They were delicious. Just bake as per the recipe.

So that’s all that christmas wrote. Oh, not quite – here’s just a fun picture of me and my cousins. I’m the one squatting at the bottom with the coffee haha…

So today I’m off to the store to hit some after Christmas sales (time to buy books!) and to Wegmans. All of my Almond Breeze is gone! Ahhhhhg! THe horror the horror! Oh, and of course to the movies. We’re hitting up It’s Complicated. I’m so excited. I love Alec Baldwin.


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