A quick cookie post.

I don’t have too much to say today. Haven’t ate much…I can’t. Like physically CAN’T. It sucks. Every time I eat anything I get the worst, jabbing stomach pains, and puke-y feeling. Gahg. Awful…but anyways. I was bored yesterday I made the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies (from page 91) of Vegan Table (which I just bought! Woo!). I subbed applesauce for the fat. So they’re a little chewy like like applesauce cookies get, but other than that they’re great 🙂 highly recommended. But I wish I could have enjoyed one without getting a stomach ache…(fyi…the ache I’ve had for days. It’s not from the cookies hahaha)

So does anyone have food recommendations for an upset stomach…or foods that relieve bloating and gas? I feel sooooo crappy.


3 Responses to “A quick cookie post.”

  1. Have you tried Ginger Ale? I find it helps settle my tummy – Sprechers seems to work the best for me. Otherwise for gas there’s a pill called “Gas X” – that’ll get rid of bloat!

    Feel better…

    • dannibazaar Says:

      No I haven’t. I don’t drink anything with carbonation in it :p I’ve just been drinking warm tea, which is actually helping. I’m finally feeling better. Thank you though :]

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