Finally! A pretty good day.

Major step today, folks! I could actually get myself out of the house for a while today! I was a little freaked, but it was well worth it…I think. I ended up going thrifting and found this cute Corelle ware casserole dish. It’s urquoise and so so adorable. Only $1.50, too! Woo hoo! No good clothes though…oh wells. The grocery was okay…got some miso so I can make some soup this week. Yay! Going to town again tomorrow to go to the book store. So lets hope that tomorrow will be okay as well. As for working out, instead of working out for 6 hours, I only did 4 hours. I know, it sounds insane, but I still feel like it wasn’t quite enough. That’s something I really have to get over…

So. Food. Well, dinner specifically. I made the mac n cheese from La Dolce Vegan. Um, delish! I used Follow Your Heart mozarella cheese…because that was all I had lol. I think it would have been even better with cheddar. I’m pretty sure everyone else liked it, too. I don’t even think that there are leftovers! Woo!

So, I was thinking. I’m wanting to make some more recipes of my own. Soon expect some recipes of my family’s that I’ve veganized! I’ve been looking though old recipes all afternoon. I. Can’t. Wait 🙂

And more news! I’m getting another tattoo!!! Woo hooooo! I think this is what I’m getting…on my right wrist…:

But in black. Gear, huh? 🙂


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