More fun with vegan pizza…and cookies.

Like I said yesterday, my little sister’s friend came over this afternoon after school. They were doing something weird like making Justin Beiber t-shirts whilst watching Hannah Montana movies *gags* Oh well. I can’t help what they like…yeah so on a side note before I talk about food, who in the WNY region heard about this “big storm” we were supposedly getting? Yeah, so what happened to that? The weather was perfectly fine. Don’t you all just LOVE how meteorologists overreact about everything! So anyways…onto the food part. I felt like being nice, so I made dinner for the lil’ munchkins. Pizza seemed safe. I decided to use the yeast free dough recipe from La Dolce Vegan with 1/2 Cup of Paul Newman Marinara sauce, four slices of vegan mozzarella slices (galaxy brand…), some mushrooms and kale. The kids loved it 🙂 they said the crust was delicious. PLUS I made the chocolate chip cookies from La Dolce Vegan, and they loved them too. Haha…they cookies with tofu in them. I’m so sneaky. Well, everyone enjoyed the meal (which also consisted of steamed veggies…) except for my dad. I think he’s not eating my vegan food just to spite me (hurray for arguments…). He’s such a jerk. Anyways. Here’s a nice pic of da pizza pie 😀

and the cookies…

So, tomorrow is a shopping day. Got to get some nice fresh produce. Maybe some butternut squash so I can make a nice soup or roasted veggies. I’m in the mood for fresh. So that’s what’s up early tomorrow. Hopefully my copy of Vegan A Go Go will come tomorrow…I ordered it two days ago on ebay…and I CAN’T WAIT MUCH LONGER. Then I have the rest of the day to do whatever. I love days like that 🙂


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