About the bazaar.

Hi. I’m Danni, also known here as dannibazaar. Call me what you choose. For a little background info, I’m 18 years old and from the Buffalo, NY area (very very small town outside the city, that is). I currently attend Buffalo State (not for long…) and I have been a vegetarian for 5 years, and have recently made the conversion to veganism. I’m just getting interested in cooking and baking healthfully, so that is half the reason I started this blog. I’m going to post my recipes (both ones that I intend to make up, and those that I just try) and outcomes of making said recipes. Also, I intend to just post you know…whatever is going on in my life…random health facts (I’m a calorie-counting health nut, just so you all know…)…product and cookbook reviews…stuff like that.


Another thing that I think is a little bit important that you all should know is that last year I started having these awful anorexic tendencies. I really don’t like saying that I have an actual ED, but some may have thought that last year simply by the way I acted. It has just recently gotten easier for me to eat food without freaking out. Veganism has really helped that with me. So I might keep you updated on this sort of stuff. It also explains my health-nutty-ness. New word. Heckyes.


ON a lighter note 😀 Here are a few random facts about moi: I love the Beatles, I’m obsessed with fashion (in fact, I’m a fashion student), one of my favourite actors is Colin Firth, I really love reading classic literature, I am an honours student but I absolutely HATE the idea of an honours scholarly programme and the typical honours student, I spend most of my time doodling, I may have a touch of ADD, I really am OCD, my favourite colour is black, I think Tim Burton is rad (and I thought that WAYYY before the emo kids thought he was cool),  I’d really like to publish a book of sorts some day, I really am rather anti-social, I was in marching band in high school AAANNNDDD! I think unicorns are the bomb. Hell yeah.


And that’s all you need to know! If you want to know more…just like…email me or something like that. As in at: brosnanbandgeek007@ymail.com


3 Responses to “About the bazaar.”

  1. Hey Danni, I wanted to write in to say that I enjoyed reading about your vegan endeavors, and have inspired me to make some of my own ;] I made a seitan thing once that looked pretty but tasted only of spices. Tasted great with peanut butter. And haha, emo kids…they’ll find their way.

    • dannibazaar Says:

      Hey 🙂 Well fantastic, I’m gain I have inspired you hahaha…I was actually going to attempt to make seitan today until I realized that I was out of soy sauce! Ahh! How does that happen…wows. What recipe for seitan did you use, may I ask? Speaking of the seitan-pb combo, have you ever tried Primal Strip’s Thai Peanut seitan jerky? It’s fantastic.

      • I know what you’re talking about, I only have a tablespoon left of soy sauce somehow… ;P I used a recipe from have cake, will travel actually, here’s a link: http://havecakewilltravel.com/2008/09/03/links-sausage/ My housemates made faces at it, but I was so proud putting this funny little thing in the oven and coming out with something I consider awesome. Oh no, I have not tried that! I really actually know next to nothing, about veganism and foods, thus I googled said jerky and found out that there are some retailers ’round the city that has it, so perhaps I will go a-hunting ;]

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