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Brunch served by…the soup n@zi?

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Yep. I call myself the soup nazi. Because I love soup. And if you eat meat at a meal when I make soup then…NO SOUP FOR YOU! But you’re all good and deserve to try this recipe from Happy Herbivore for Red Lentil Curry Soup. It’s really delish. Just spicy enough…they’re just so perfectly balanced, and the soup itself is nice and creamy. And simple. And FAT FREAKING FREE! Could it be much better? I think not. Now go and make this soup. Now. So says the soup nazi.

Now yesterday I promised a picture and recipe for the strawberry shortcake. And THANKFULLY mum went to the supermarket and picked up some more berries, so here’s the food porn to go with the recipe!

And the recipe:

Make your biscuits. In the meantime, either just place your strawberries in a bowl with the sugar to release the juices, or do the whole saucepan thing so create a juicy-saucy constancy thingy (I’m just so descriptive…)

And what else is the soup nazi serving for brunch? Why, none other than a vegan version of the old brunch favourite eggs over asparagus! Now commence drooling:

Ingredients to serve one

  • 4 oz asparagus, steamed (weigh then steam)

Scrambled Tofu

  • 1/4 block of firm tofu, pressed
  • a few pinches/shakes of: garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, turmeric, curry powder
  • 1 tsp nooch

Mustard Sauce

  • 1-2 tbs yellow or dijon mustard
  • 1.5 tsp nooch
  • garlic and onion powder, to taste
  • a pinch of salt
  • water to thin


Prepare your sauce (just stir together and set aside). Steam your asparagus. In a small skillet (nonstick or cast iron), crumble your tofu over medium heat. Let it brown a little. Add your spices (not the nooch yet) and maybe a little water if it looks too dry. Lower heat to low and add your nooch. Scramble til everything is nice and combined and not all grain-y like. Remove from heat.

To Assemble:

Place your steamed asparagus on a plate. Top with your scrambled tofu and then top that with your mustard sauce. Eat!! It’s super yum.


After yet another long hiatus, I return…with a recipe!

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Hey guys, sorry it took me such a long time to post again. I was in an uncomfortable spot mentally with food. I couldn’t get myself to post anything…blogging was making me feel obligated to cook and bake when I didn’t want to, and being around food was making me feel rather uncomfortable. Fear not, that feeling has gone far, far away! I am doing my better with eating and whatnot and have been enjoying cooking more and more. For any of you out there like me who are afraid to eat, this is what worked for me: cook. Just do it. And cook what you like. Although you may not eat what you cook immediately, eventually you will feel like you’re missing out on NOT eating it and will try a little bit. And enjoy it. Seriously. That’s how I am at least (I came to that little realization after making the carrot bisque from VWAV). So enough of that…I obviously cannot list EVERYTHING that I’ve made within the past months, muchless days or weeks…but I can at least share the pics of the meal that I made for my mum’s b-day two days ago:

Black Beans with Chipotle with Adobo Sauce and Broccoli Polenta from Veganomicon

This was amazing (yes folks, I ate it! And man do I love spicy food.). I made everything as directed, except with the polenta, I ended up making kale polenta because I found that my broccoli went all moldy on me (sob).

Kale Polenta

Lower Fat Deep Chocolate Bundt Cake from Veganomicon

 And here’s the cake! Man was this rich and moist. One of the better vegan cakes that I have made. And I didn’t even have to make it low fat myself!! Woo hoo! I also used the Quick Melty Ganache from Vegan Cupcakes. Yum.

Ahh, I may as well share a fun vegan story. There once was a nasty meat eating man who killed squirrels (not kidding). He hated vegan food. One day, his rad-tastic vegan daughter made dinner for her family. That dinner included the amazing sausages (chorizo to be exact…) from VB. He at it, never knew it was vegan, and went on to be as miserable as ever. Minus the fact that he loved the dinner. He wasn’t miserable then…just to clear it up. So, the recipe I made was from Vegan Dad’s blog…the Penne with Seitan Sausage in Tomato Sauce. It was really good. I may just make that sauce recipe a regular for me…and the seitan sausage. I’ve been on a seitan making kick lately, honestly. I’m not so scared of it anymore. I’ve made those, the chicken seitan from LDV…and a bunch more. Next I’m gonna try my hand at seitan o’ greatness. I do prefer the steaming method to boiling.

And now the recipe that I promised!  This is a recipe for a totally liberal spicy (or not…) tofu and/or veggie wrap. I mean liberal. This wrap as as liberal as a tea party member is conservative and freaky:

The Liberal Wrap

Serves: 1

  • 1 large cabbage leaf (or any other veggie leaf. Or a tortilla. Or a flatbread. Or a savoury crepe. Whatev)
  • 1/2 C pressed firm tofu, cubed (or however many steamed veggies you want. Or both)
  • Spices to taste: I recommmend garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayanne pepper, salt, but use whatever you want
  • Hot sauce to your liking (added to the pan of tofu/veggies and spices)
  • 1/8 C ketchup, plus hot sauce to taste: Or if you don’t want it spicy at all, use a cheese sauce, or thai peanut sauce, or bbq sauce…anything to your liking. Just arrange your spice choices accordingly.

Mix up your sauce of choice.

In a nicely sized skillet over medium heat, saute your tofu (if using veggies, add about 1/2-3/4 C water to steam). Allow to brown (or until water evaporates.). Add spices, and then hot sauce (if using). Remove from heat and add veggies or tofu to your sauce and toss to coat. Place this all in your leaf of choice and enjoy!

Told you it was liberal. It’s more of a basic template than a recipe…but who cares. It’s good.

More fun with vegan pizza…and cookies.

Posted in Cookies, Dessert, Dinner, La Dolce Vegan on February 27, 2010 by Danni

Like I said yesterday, my little sister’s friend came over this afternoon after school. They were doing something weird like making Justin Beiber t-shirts whilst watching Hannah Montana movies *gags* Oh well. I can’t help what they like…yeah so on a side note before I talk about food, who in the WNY region heard about this “big storm” we were supposedly getting? Yeah, so what happened to that? The weather was perfectly fine. Don’t you all just LOVE how meteorologists overreact about everything! So anyways…onto the food part. I felt like being nice, so I made dinner for the lil’ munchkins. Pizza seemed safe. I decided to use the yeast free dough recipe from La Dolce Vegan with 1/2 Cup of Paul Newman Marinara sauce, four slices of vegan mozzarella slices (galaxy brand…), some mushrooms and kale. The kids loved it 🙂 they said the crust was delicious. PLUS I made the chocolate chip cookies from La Dolce Vegan, and they loved them too. Haha…they cookies with tofu in them. I’m so sneaky. Well, everyone enjoyed the meal (which also consisted of steamed veggies…) except for my dad. I think he’s not eating my vegan food just to spite me (hurray for arguments…). He’s such a jerk. Anyways. Here’s a nice pic of da pizza pie 😀

and the cookies…

So, tomorrow is a shopping day. Got to get some nice fresh produce. Maybe some butternut squash so I can make a nice soup or roasted veggies. I’m in the mood for fresh. So that’s what’s up early tomorrow. Hopefully my copy of Vegan A Go Go will come tomorrow…I ordered it two days ago on ebay…and I CAN’T WAIT MUCH LONGER. Then I have the rest of the day to do whatever. I love days like that 🙂

It’s George Harrison’s birthday!

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Yes, I celebrate the birthday of deceased Beatles. I’m lame, I know. But I’m obsessed so…I don’t care what you think. Haha. *ahem* Anywho. I decided to honour the fantastic George with a CAKE! I used the Vanilla Cake recipe from How It All Vegan! and the Chocolate Mint Frosting from The Garden of Vegan. Except I didn’t have any mint extract so I just used vanilla. And it was gooood. And vegan. Like George. 🙂

I was far too lazy to make dinner tonight. Making that up tomorrow, though. My little sister’s friend is coming over for the afternoon after school *yippie…* so I’m making them vegan pizza and garlic bread for dinner. Bwahaha. And vegan chocolate chip cookies. With tofu. I’m just so devious XD.

Now for some important news. I’ve finally found a local vegan group called the Buffalo Vegetarian Society. Any Buffalo blog readers out there? You should join up. Anyways, there’s going to be a potluck March 13th which I’m super excited about. Any suggestions of what I should bring? I’ve never done a potluck before…I’m thinking a nice casserole or a crock-pot of soup or something of the like. Share some recipes, while you’re at it if you have any! Now I’m watching re-runs of Project Runway so…bye loves ❤

I’ve been a bad blogger…(plus an ode to the fantastic Sarah Kramer!)

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Hey peoples in the blogosphere. I am so sorry I haven’t had any updates at all lately. It’s not that I haven’t been coming up with recipes or making things from other blogs or cookbooks…but I’ll be straight forward in saying that I’ve been having a pretty hard time lately. If you’ve actually browsed around my blog you would have came across my “about me” page and read that I’m a recovering anorexic. Now I stress recovering. Lately I haven’t been doing so hot. Why? I have no idea. I’ve been anxious. I’ve been only eating my “safe” foods. I’ve been cooking and baking for other people like crazy. I’m over-exercising like crazy. I can barely leave the house (except for class). I want it to stop. Well…I’m really hoping it’s getting better. I’m going to try to get out tomorrow to go thrift store shopping and maybe hitting up Wegmans and the health food store. Ahh…just wish me luck. Anyways. I’d rather not sound depressed. How about I at least share some photographic evidence of what I’ve been whippin’ up in the kitchen! I swear to god I’ve been attached to my books by the lovely and fantastic Sarah Kramer. All I’ve been making lately has been out of How It All Vegan!, The Garden of Vegan, and La Dolce Vegan. They are SERIOUSLY my favourite cookbooks. So so so so so fun and amazing. Every recipe has been a hit with the whole family. And that includes my very anti-health-food/anti-vegan father. He won’t touch tofu with a ten foot poll (which is why in a few days I’m making the tip-top tofu loaf….bwahahaha! I’m so sneaky). But yeah. Within the past week I made the Mulligatawny Soup from HIAV which was a hit (no picture sorry…it was eaten up too fast!). It got rave reviews. Everyone loved the spicy-curry-nessnessness. Also, I made the Wild Mushroom soup from TGOV (hey, it’s cold here. Soup is good right now) – which was also freaking amazing. No picture for that either. Next came Eggplant Parmesan from LDV…made with VeganRella along side some steamed broccoli in Wolffie’s Nutritional Yeast “Cheese” sauce, garlic bread, and the Double Chocolate muffins (also from La Dolce Vegan). Total hit, man.

Now. Two nights ago I made “Mum’s Bean and Cheese Casserole ” from HIAV alongside some more broccoli and “cheese”. I swear to god that my dad had like half of the casserole dish. Crazy. It was so amazing. I heart dijon mustard. A lot. 🙂 This is a keeper. Actually, I’m thinking of taking this to the fam’s Easter dinner this year.

And oh the desserts. I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars from HIAV. Dude. Amazing. Seriously. Can she do no wrong?

But you do remember my saying that I’ve been struggling, right? So this was some of the only stuff I’ve been able to put in my mouth lately. It’s really been helping. Guys, let me tell you there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re going to like inflate and explode from eating a bowl of lettuce. Awful. Ever since the new year began I have been going in a downward spiral. I mean, I feel bloated. I exercise so much my feat are swelling up and are blistering. I won’t eat if I don’t burn the calories off. And the worst part is, I know I’m doing this to myself but I don’t know what to do about it. I can’t get my Epstein barrs back…(from last year…). Sorry about the rant, but I had to get that out. What does this have to do with the amazing Sarah you ask? Well, reading how she got over her struggles is inspiring me to get better. I want to so badly. It’s just hard. If anyone out there is going through the same thing, you know how hard it is. Every day is a struggle. It’s very very hard, but you just have to take it day by day. As for today? Meh. I feel bloated. But I’m eating. But I also couldn’t get myself to leave the house in fear that I wouldn’t be able to exercise (yeah. I’m insane. I get up at 6 am to start working out…uhhg. Why do I do this to myself…I’m so tired). So I hope tomorrow will be better. :\ Wish me luck, folks.

One thousand apologies!

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I know, I know. I’ve been the world’s suckiest blogger lately. It’s just…I’ve been feeling a bit off. Remember that stomach thing that I had for the longest time? Well, that’s finally gone after I went on a week long detox. The swelling in my face and feet is gone and everything! I have no idea what that was all about…but anyways. During that week I decided to make my own little ramen soup. Sort of. Here’s the recipe:

Quick and Easy Spicy “Ramen”

Serves: 1

  • 1 4 oz package of Tofu Shirataki Noodles (angel hair works best)
  • 1/2 cup to 1 cup of vegetable stock
  • 4-6 oz baby corn
  • as many veggie add ins as you wish
  • any seasoning. I recommend garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, cayenne pepper, and paprika.

Drain and dry your noodles. Then just put everything in a bowl and microwave until throughly heated.

Great for a lazy day.

So I have been baking like mad lately. I’ve made numerous cookies, brownies, bars, cakes, biscuits and whatnot. Just haven’t been taking pictures. Wanna know why? Because I was failing at baking. Nothing was working. Until lately. I’ve got my mojo back. I feel if I blog regularly I’ll stay on my mojo. So, an example of something that actually turned out is these cute lil’ cinnamon rolls that I whipped up this morning from a recipe off of VegWeb. It’s really nice because IT DOESN’T REQUIRE YEAST! Yay! :


2 cups flour (450 g)
1 tablespoon baking powder (15 g)
1 teaspoon salt (5 g)
6 tablespoons vegan margarine (90 g) — I use Earth Balance
3/4 cup soy milk (0.2 liter)
2 tablespoons melted margarine (30 g)
1/4 cup Sucanat (60 g)
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon (15 g)
1 teaspoon margarine, softened (15 g)
1 cup vegan powdered sugar (225 g)
soy milk


Mix dry ingredients first, then cut in margarine.

Mix in soy milk until dough is soft (you may need slightly more or less to get the dough to a workable consistency).  Do not over mix!

Roll dough to 0.25 inch thickness (0.5 cm) in a long rectangle — about 8 inch by 16 inch (16cm x 32 cm).  Using a pastry brush, coat the rectangle of dough with the melted margarine.  Then spread the Sucanat and cinnamon over it.

Roll from the long end, forming a tight roll.  Cut rolls about 1 inch (2 cm) thick.  Place on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake at 450 degrees for 15 mins or until golden.

While rolls are baking, make icing by mixing margarine and powdered sugar.  Slowly add soy milk to reach desired consistency.  spread on rolls while they are still warm.

note: the rolls themselves are not sickeningly sweet, which makes for good contrast with the icing.  compared to other cinnamon roll recipes, this one is extremely quick and easy, but still soft and tasty!

Makes: 16 servings, Preparation time: 15 minutes, Cooking time: 15 minutes

Actually, I made mine larger, so I only came out with 8 normal-large sized rolls. Everyone in the fam loves them. Half the batch has already been eaten up!

So speaking of food that the omnis love, has anyone else ever made the Cinnamon-Walnut Coffee Cake (pg. 41) from La Dolce Vegan? Well, I just decided last week to make it, and my dad ate up TWO batches. Yeah. Within a week. The only sub I made was subbing Fat Free Nayonase for the faux sour cream. No pics, sorry. Next time, I promise.  Also, I’ve also just found two things out: one being that I’m obsessed with broccoli. It smells, and tastes awesome and it is like the miracle food vitamin and mineral-wise. And two being that I really love making soup! I decided to make and freeze up a batch of the Cheesy Broccoli Soup from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. It was great 😀 It only made up 6 cups instead of 7 but you know…what ev.

First post of the new year!

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I’ve been a little bit lazy lately…sorry. Well, at least too lazy to post anything. I have been doing a crapload of baking. A lot of it has been unsuccessful though. Which makes me…pretty mad. (Good way to start out the new year, right?). Lets talk about the successful recipes first:

1) Baking Powder Biscuits from VWAV: I made these because my little sister wanted strawberry shortcake. They turned out perfectly. They were nice and puffy and…biscuit-y haha. My mum was jealous because she can never make her biscuits raise (and no one likes flat biscuits…). I didn’t make the gravy that goes along with the recipe, but I intend to soon (results WILL be posted…)

2) I have no pictures of the next few things (things being bread…) so I’m putting them all in this section. I tried making a wheat bread from VegWeb and the Kissing Cousins Oatmeal Bread from La Dolce Vegan but BOTH flopped. It might have been because the rack in my oven was on the wrong notch or something but the middle of both was completely raw…just…dough. Which me pretty bloody mad.

3) Finally just yesterday I made the gingerbread from How It All Vegan and THAT finally turned out perfect. It smelled great. I’m a little obsessed with the smell of molasses. Weird I know.

4) Today I decided to attempt the Ohh La Las from VCIYCJ. Um…not a total fail, but not a total success. I could not roll them out, even after chilling. So I just decided to drop teaspoon sized dough balls, and pressing them down to flatten them. I had to bake them for 17 minutes instead of 12. Also I only got a dozen cookies (when sandwiched) instead of 3 dozen. Oy vey what a difference. They taste good though! Very whoppie-pie-esque. I had a lot of left over filling.

5) To use up said filling I made cupcakes! I used the Super Moist Chocolate Cake recipe off of VegWeb. I made a few subs…so here’s what I did:

  • 1 1/2 Cups AP Flower
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 3 TBS cocoa powder
  • 5 TBS applesauce
  • 1 TBS vinegar
  • 1/2 TSP salt
  • 1 TSP baking soda
  • 1 Cup of water

Yeah yeah yeah, mix, bake (25 minutes) and whatnot. Specific I know. Haha. It made a dozen cuppy cakes. I frosted half with my left over icing.

They were super tasty and my mum loved them ❤

6) I made the chocolate chip cookies from VCIYCJ  a could of days ago. My mum liked them but I wasn’t pleased. I thought that the dough was odd and sticky, so I couldn’t roll them. They dropped nicely though. But the texture…I didn’t like. They were cake-y and dense and not what I like in a choco chip cookie. Meh. I won’t make them again.

So yeah. I probably shouldn’t be so negative. Hey…a resolution! I should probably actually make resolutions this year so here it goes…

1) Be more positive (as mentioned)

2) Try to have less processed foods (make more of everything fresh)

3) Star composting and be more eco-friendly (there’s always room for improvement)

4) Blog more!

5) Keep in contact with friends

6) Learn to love myself

7) I will not weigh myself every day

So what are your resolutions? And what are things you do to pamper yourself, ladies? What do you do to make yourself happy? Here’s my suggestions:

  • Get in the kitchen and bake something! The smell is great and it gives you something to do. A real stress reliever. You don’t have to eat what you baked, either…if your worried about watching your weight. Give what you made to family, a friend, or a neighbour…just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean that giving doesn’t make you feel good.
  • Go to the gym! Exercise makes you feel good, look good, and hey! Use the sauna when you’re done.
  • Go get a massage, or a manicure. Pampering is nice. Facials work too. If you don’t want to go out, just make a nice oatmeal mask at home and do the ol’ cucumber over the eye treatment.
  • Go to bed with one of those eye masks. It makes you feel glamorous.
  • Wear cute undies! 😀
  • Retail therapy. Buying stuff always feels good 😉 I recommend shoe shopping…
  • Do some yoga or pilates. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul.
  • Read a good book.
  • Watch a sappy movie. With Colin Firth in it. ❤

At least that’s what I do when I want to get happy fast. Just some recommendations. If anyone actually cares hahaha…