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Makin’ Biscuits Like it’s Nobody’s Business (Plus other stuff)

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Now that I got that off my chest…let’s talk about biscuits then, shall we? Because I know that’s what you came here for. The carbs. You like them. You all do. We all do. Universally known fact that makes people like be babble. So yeah. I decided to whip some up this afternoon because my mum bought some loverly, luscious, and LARGE (I emphasize large) strawberries (seriously, some of them were the size of small apples…) so she could make strawberry shortcakes (tomorrow’s recipe…). But here’s my basic recipe, that I bet is pretty much the same as the rest of the world’s:

Basic Baking Powder Biscuits

Yields 12 or so


  • 2C A.P. flower
  • 5 tsps baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • 5 tbs vegan margarine (I use Smart Balance Light…yes, it’s vegan)
  • 2/3 C non-dairy milk
  • extra flour for dusting


Pre-heat your oven to 450F.

Mix together dry ingredients. Cut in the margarine with your fingers (crumble as you would a streusel topping…make sure you’re able to form some pea-sized lumps)…or with a pastry cutter/knife if you feel like cheating. Add the milk and mix together with a fork until a dough forms. With floured hands on a floured surface, pat your dough lightly into a rollable shape. Roll out to your desired thinness (I like about 1/8-1/4″ for a nice sized biscuit). Cut with a biscuit cutter, place on a greased baking sheet and bake for 12 minutes, until golden and delicious.

Very yummy. Oh and by the way…I finally got around to making the Magical Coconut Cookie Bars from VCIYCJ (since I finally found vegan graham crackers…). My mum’s crazy about them. So, so good. Make them at night, though. That gives you time to chill them without being tempted to eat one.

I’m thinking of making these, plus other cookies for a bake sale that I’m going to be hosting next weekend to raise money for farm sanctuary. Have any other ideas of baked goods? I’m thinking cookies (most likely chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodles, GF cookies, sugar-free cookies, oatmeal cookies…), maybe some brownies, muffins, cupcakes…I’ll keep you all updated on this…

In the meantime, what are all of you Americans doing for memorial day tomorrow? Grilling? BBQ-ing? Not knowing there’s a difference between grilling and barbecuing? Wondering were on earth the word barbecue came from? All of the above? So anyways, I decided to whip up some chorizo sausages tomorrow to grill up…from VB. They’re so good. I used up the rest of my black beans from my bean dish the other day. I sure do like making seitan. I need a “praise seitan” shirt. Vegan humour is so much fun…

In the meantime, I came up with a little snacky recipe since it got late tonight, fast, and I realized that I had not eaten anything yet. I bring you…

Italian Asparagus:

Serves one

  • 4 oz trimmed asparagus
  • 2 tbs ketchup or marinara sauce
  • .5 oz vegan mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • salt
  • garlic powder

Simply steam your asparagus with your preferred method, top with the tomato-y topping of choice and shredded cheese and salt and spices. Now depending on time and patience, either microwave for a minute or so, or pop under your broiler. Eat. Now. Top with vegan parm or nooch if you want.

That’s all for today. Do tell though, what are you all grilling up tomorrow?


After yet another long hiatus, I return…with a recipe!

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Hey guys, sorry it took me such a long time to post again. I was in an uncomfortable spot mentally with food. I couldn’t get myself to post anything…blogging was making me feel obligated to cook and bake when I didn’t want to, and being around food was making me feel rather uncomfortable. Fear not, that feeling has gone far, far away! I am doing my better with eating and whatnot and have been enjoying cooking more and more. For any of you out there like me who are afraid to eat, this is what worked for me: cook. Just do it. And cook what you like. Although you may not eat what you cook immediately, eventually you will feel like you’re missing out on NOT eating it and will try a little bit. And enjoy it. Seriously. That’s how I am at least (I came to that little realization after making the carrot bisque from VWAV). So enough of that…I obviously cannot list EVERYTHING that I’ve made within the past months, muchless days or weeks…but I can at least share the pics of the meal that I made for my mum’s b-day two days ago:

Black Beans with Chipotle with Adobo Sauce and Broccoli Polenta from Veganomicon

This was amazing (yes folks, I ate it! And man do I love spicy food.). I made everything as directed, except with the polenta, I ended up making kale polenta because I found that my broccoli went all moldy on me (sob).

Kale Polenta

Lower Fat Deep Chocolate Bundt Cake from Veganomicon

 And here’s the cake! Man was this rich and moist. One of the better vegan cakes that I have made. And I didn’t even have to make it low fat myself!! Woo hoo! I also used the Quick Melty Ganache from Vegan Cupcakes. Yum.

Ahh, I may as well share a fun vegan story. There once was a nasty meat eating man who killed squirrels (not kidding). He hated vegan food. One day, his rad-tastic vegan daughter made dinner for her family. That dinner included the amazing sausages (chorizo to be exact…) from VB. He at it, never knew it was vegan, and went on to be as miserable as ever. Minus the fact that he loved the dinner. He wasn’t miserable then…just to clear it up. So, the recipe I made was from Vegan Dad’s blog…the Penne with Seitan Sausage in Tomato Sauce. It was really good. I may just make that sauce recipe a regular for me…and the seitan sausage. I’ve been on a seitan making kick lately, honestly. I’m not so scared of it anymore. I’ve made those, the chicken seitan from LDV…and a bunch more. Next I’m gonna try my hand at seitan o’ greatness. I do prefer the steaming method to boiling.

And now the recipe that I promised!  This is a recipe for a totally liberal spicy (or not…) tofu and/or veggie wrap. I mean liberal. This wrap as as liberal as a tea party member is conservative and freaky:

The Liberal Wrap

Serves: 1

  • 1 large cabbage leaf (or any other veggie leaf. Or a tortilla. Or a flatbread. Or a savoury crepe. Whatev)
  • 1/2 C pressed firm tofu, cubed (or however many steamed veggies you want. Or both)
  • Spices to taste: I recommmend garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayanne pepper, salt, but use whatever you want
  • Hot sauce to your liking (added to the pan of tofu/veggies and spices)
  • 1/8 C ketchup, plus hot sauce to taste: Or if you don’t want it spicy at all, use a cheese sauce, or thai peanut sauce, or bbq sauce…anything to your liking. Just arrange your spice choices accordingly.

Mix up your sauce of choice.

In a nicely sized skillet over medium heat, saute your tofu (if using veggies, add about 1/2-3/4 C water to steam). Allow to brown (or until water evaporates.). Add spices, and then hot sauce (if using). Remove from heat and add veggies or tofu to your sauce and toss to coat. Place this all in your leaf of choice and enjoy!

Told you it was liberal. It’s more of a basic template than a recipe…but who cares. It’s good.

A weird mid-night craving…

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…Broccoli stir-fry? Odd? Just a little…do you think? Well, that was me last night. I don’t do take out. I usually don’t “crave” foods period. But yeah…this is what I came up with for a quick-fix for my broccoli craving:

A Lazy Person’s Broccoli Stir-Fry:

  • 1 package of Tofu Shirataki Noodles (angel hair works best)
  • 1 cup of broccoli (frozen works nicely)
  • a few liberal shakes of garlic salt
  • cooking spray

Spray a non-stick skillet with your cooking spray and put over medium heat. Put your broccoli in the skillet and start to warm and maybe even get a little crispy. Add your garlic salt. In the meantime, drain and press your noodles (it’s not really important that they get that dry). Add your noodles to the skillet and heat through throughly, and maybe even add some more garlic salt if you want (I did…but I really like garlic). Then just transfer to a plate and enjoy! It was seriously a good snack…at midnight.

So onto more normal-ish food. I decided to make the cheese-potato pierogies from La Dolce Vegan. Now I didn’t try them, but the fam loved them! (I’m not really into potatoes…)

I know…not the prettiest picture, but apparently they tasted good!

NEWSFLASH! I finally made a good muffin today after like TWO FREAKIN WEEKS of flopped muffin batches. I made the Coffee Chip Muffins from Vegan Brunch. They were good. Real good. Mum liked ’em too. A lot different from other muffins I’ve made with instant coffee…a lot better. I think it was the dissolving of the coffee in the milk rather than just adding it to the batter. But I dunno. They were rad.

They’ll be a great snack to have during class tomorrow. Seriously. What is better than an art class at college. There is like no stress at all. I love it. It is infinitely better than going to that hell hole Buffalo State. For those of you who haven’t been following my blog, I used to attend Buff State College as a fashion major. Now I LOVE fashion (I’m still a fashion major…) but I HATED school. Worst. Experience. Ever. Now I’m going to a community college for a semester while hopefully transferring to FIT next fall…….just so you all know. If you care. Which you probably don’t, but who cares. OH OH OH! Now I gotta tell you about my lunch that I’m having tomorrow. I made some homemade flour tortillas (which turned out a little thick, but I care little) from a recipe off of VegWeb (here’s the recipe…I got 4 medium sized tortillas):

  • 2 1/2 cups flour (bread flour works best)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2/3 cup very warm water
  • 1 teaspoon garlic or onion salt (whichever you prefer)


Using food processer put in flour, garlic salt, oil and water and process until it gathers into a ball.  Add more water or flour as needed (if it is dry more water, if too moist more flour).  Form into little balls (should be about 12).  Using either a tortilla maker or the bottom of a glass flatten out the dough into tortilla shape.  Make thinner for thinner tortillas, thicker for thicker ones.  Cook over medium to medium high heat in stick free cookware, or use tortilla maker.

Anyways. I prepped my lunch for tomorrow. I just stuffed two of the tortillas with raw kale, spinach and half of an avocado then pan fried them. Oh. My. God. The KALE! It smelled SO SO SO good. Well, here’s a pic (I’m so excited to eat this!)

Tonight I will probably make the same stir fry as last night just with kale instead of broccoli. I shall keep you updated 🙂

Speaking of updates…I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW THURSDAY. Yosh. Oh the excitement!


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I am going to continue blogging minus the pictures. My little sister just busted the camera. FML. Seriously. But there is good news. I got my candy making kit that I won off of VegWeb recently 🙂 Woo! I can’t wait to try it. Plus I finally bought Vegan Brunch! I want to host a brunch now….

so that’s all for now…almost.

I was wondering if any of you veg-bloggers out there would like to become penpals like I know many are…like people who send loverly vegan noms to eachother and stuff. Just email me ( if you’re at all interested…